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We aim to establish direct and transparent connections between people who are willing to help others and those that need help, but can be sometimes on the other side of the globe. The goal is to create a self-organized, distributed network of people helping each other, peer-to-peer aid (P2P-aid). In the network, the benefactor can be in a direct link with a beneficiary and can answer to hers/his specific needs; both see current needs of the beneficiary and then the exact effect of his/her help. The system should be "administrated" and "operated" by its users (beneficiaries and benefactors). The constant and free flow of information between users becomes the key concept providing both transparency and emotional bond.

Direct help creats a bond of friendships. Emotional support for parents expecting a baby-boy.

Tailored help

It is important to address specific needs: mattresses for children sleeping on the floor, shoes for a girl...

What we have done so far?

P2P-aid team, together with our great and generous friends and families, has accomplished several individual projects that helped our new friends in Haiti and Kenia as well as modestly supported building of a female hospital by the International Medical Corps in Dadaab.

We always try to get in touch and listen to individual people to address their specific needs that often cannot be fulfilled at all or fast enough by large organizations. Our help has not only a financial dimension. We support, think and care about each other everyday. We are linked by emotional bond. One of our team member become a God father of a little boy in Haiti! :)

Where are we now?

At this stage of the project, we are counting on you Dear Visitor. There is still a long way, before the P2P-aid project (portal) will be fully realized. Although, we have already started to help others in several initiatives, we need a help with developing the P2P-aid project itself. Therefore, we need your ideas, your skills and your time! If you see potential in this idea, you can help! How? Look here. And LIKE us on Facebook!!!:-)


Posted on December, 2012

We will meet to discuss the P2P-aid Xmas'12 initative on Saturday, 15th December. If you would like to join us in Stockholm or on Skype look for details on our Facebook group or drop us an email.

Posted on November, 2012

We have started to plan the P2P-aid Xmas'12 initative. The details will come soon...

Posted on November, 2012

A new P2P-aid webpage is launched! Still a nice logo is missing, but we have a volunteer to design it for us! Expect results after Xmas!:)

A few of P2P-aid Projects
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Estine @ Haiti, Project I

"...cornflakes for boy, clothes for girls
and Spaghetti."

Estine @ Haiti, Project II

"...beds for an orphanage, an event for children :-)"

Nicolas @ Haiti